Agricultural development and education

WutomiAgri is a centre of agricultural development and education and provides one-year courses to 10 to 14 students of both sexes in the age of 18 to 30 years.

The students learn simple, manageable and optimized production methods so that they after graduation will get significantly more value from their mashambas (fields). This learning comes mainly through the practical work – so that the young people can experience that it’s worth it to make an effort. – And to break with inefficient traditions.
They will get provided small mashambas to grow, experiment, harvest and sell products. Therefore math, budgeting, financial management and entrepreneurship are also key subjects. Overall we strive to support in acquiring a good deal of independent thinking.

The students live at the centre and are doing the cooking, cleaning and other practical works. To support these skills they are taught basics in hygiene, health and nutrition. The strong relations the young people build at the centre help them to support each other in the future – most favourable create agriculture associations.

It is of great importance that the students go back to their communities as pioneers in and ambassadors for the more effective cultivation methods. For that reason they will be accompanied on home visits during the course. Beside that they will later on get counselling and teaching back home in the villages in a period of 5 years.

Furthermore the students are introduced to means of obtaining micro-financial loans.

The students come from different communities in the Gaza province so that their knowledge will get out to a larger area – in spite of the small number of persons.


The object of the project is to improve living conditions. – By the vision to establish a sustainable institution for agricultural education – to help the inhabitants of the country become self-sufficient when it comes to foods.

The work towards achieving these goals will be carried out on a foundation of the following values:
Solid values:
o High degree of agricultural know-how.
o Long term planning.
o Democratic leadership and a clear organizational frame with the liberty for free actions.

Soft values:
o Christian, biblical values with loving one’s neighbor being a high priority.
o Educational approach to schooling – mutual recognition and the belief in the individual person
o Social awareness – understanding of synergy, teamwork and cooperatives

The foundation of the centre is Christianity but everyone is welcome – no matter belief.

Organisation and history of the project

WutomiAgri is a project started in collaboration between the association WutomiAgri, Moçambique and Assist-Denmark.

In Denmark the vision/ calling came from Lisbet and Kurt Terp who set up a board consisting of five Danes. In this board the project plan and structural frames were made and Kurt and Lisbet went to Mozambique in June 2009 to initiate. Here a local board consisting of three Mozambicans was set up and the work with finding land, legalization, constructing, buying and installation of electricity, well drilling, composing curriculum, hiring staff and recruiting students began.


From the very beginning we have had a strong focus on being a Mozambican project – to be in the best position of taking root in the local society – and carry out as a sustainable project.
Our conviction is that the centre in 2022 is in the position to run with entirely Mozambican management.